Heather Zucal


Heather Zucal


Pioneer Female Aviator


Talk to CAHS with Mac Job Southern Airlines




Timed Summary

00:00 - Introduction

keywords: Mac Job Deborah Wardley women Ansett

03:28 - Early interests in aviation, flying with her father

keywords: Newcastle Broadmeadow Aerodrome Newcastle Aero Club

07:30 - Challenges of flying at Broadmeadow Aerodrome

keywords: Broadmeadow Aerodrome Newcastle Bankstown

09:15 - Training as a commercial pilot

keywords: Lewis Plumstead

10:25 - Early history and formation of Southern Airlines, 1955-1958

keywords: Jim Darbyshire Reginald Barnewall Essendon Echuca Balranold Auster J5B Avro Anson

13:04 - Flying in Southern Airlines' DH.104 Dove

keywords: DH.104 Dove Southern Airlines DCA Essendon Airport

16:27 - Australian Women Pilots Association; her employment by Southern Airlines; other employees at the time

keywords: Australian Women Pilots Association Roy Edwards Reg Walton Bernie Beswick Phil Bennett Ron Smith Ken Herbert Nobby Clark Harold Brabham Vera Austin John Zucal Les Taylor Terry Blithe Jim Pirrie Alan Giffith Ted Marshall Joe Salvas Ray Loader Jack Johnson

18:35 - Other Radio operator hostesses employed by Southern Airlines, esp Beth Garrett

keywords: Beth Garrett Olga Carmichael Martin Garrett RFDS

21:18 - Olga Tarling - the fourth radio operator hostess at Southern Airlines

keywords: Olga Tarling DCA John Gorton

22:01 - Lack of hostess training at Southern Airlines, facilities at Essendon Airport

keywords: TAA ANA Essendon Airport

23:45 - Role as flight crew and radio operator, learning on the job

keywords: radio Auster morse code Ivan Hodder

27:33 - Flying in the Avro Anson - cold, draughty, noisy and difficult to start

keywords: Avro Anson

29:50 - Everyday work flying the DH.104 Dove as radio operator and hostess

keywords: radio

31:20 - Flight crew uniforms

keywords: clothing uniforms Sandringham Essendon Airport

32:22 - Serving refreshments in flight - accidents and mishaps


33:35 - Southern Airlines routes, regional Victoria and South Australia

keywords: Echuca Kerang Swan Hill Balranald Flinders Island Launceston Warnambool Naracoorte Adelaide Bairnsdale

35:15 - A flight delayed by weather - stuck at Ballarat RAAF base

keywords: Warnambool Ballarat

36:10 - In-flight incidents; piloting the Auster from Swan Hill to Essendon

keywords: Auster Swan Hill

38:35 - Few passengers on Southern Airlines; leaving the company in 1957

keywords: Hamilton Warnambool Adelaide 1957 phonetic alphabet Olga Carmichael Jim Perry

40:25 - Southern Airlines post 1957, new aircraft, staff and routes

keywords: 1958 DH.114 Heron Max Anguin Wally Oldcastle Ray Weston Beryl Young Rosemary Kirby Phyllis Towers Gala Ost Millicent King Island Shepparton Tocumwal Wagga

41:20 - The DH.114 Heron; the closure of Southern Airlines

keywords: Olga Tarling Reg Barnwell Ansett ANA 1958 government subsidy

46:45 - Screening a portion of newsreel Australian Diary #96 showing Southern Airlines

keywords: newsreel Heather McDougall Beth Garrett