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Our Heritage

Connecting the Nation provides a national overview of aviation heritage that helps connect you to the sources of aviation heritage all around the country. Whether you are an aviation buff, a local or family historian, or a student researcher, Connecting the Nation provides new ways to search and discover unexpected links.

You can click on the themes below to discover different aspects of the national aviation story and to link to further information about important people, places and aviation heritage collections. These themes makes reference to the Australian Heritage Commission’s Australian Historic Themes and they encapsulate major processes that have shaped Australia’s aviation history such as defence, communication, innovation, tourism and identity.



Heritage Places

Use this interactive map to discover heritage listed places and collections mentioned in our thematic history. More places and collections are gradually being added.


The timeline highlights important moments in Australia’s aviation history and the people who have made significant contributions to Australian aviation. We are adding more information to the timeline as work goes on so check regularly!