Peter Lloyd


Peter Lloyd


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse


June 2015


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Peter Lloyd

Timed Summary

0:00:00 - Introduction

0:00:45 - Early war experiences and entry into a motor vehicle business career

keywords: Business Nuffield Australia British Motor Corporation

0:00:45 - President of the Royal Aero Club, New South Wales, learning to fly and development of helicopter business

keywords: Royal Aero Club Thredbo Helicopter Macarthur-Onslow

0:14:45 - A powered aircraft pilot, gas balloon pilot and Federation of Aero Clubs, Australia

keywords: Germany Gliders Federation Aeronautique Federation of Aero Clubs of Australia Training Parachuting Gliding FAI

0:20:23 - Flying as part of personal business operations

keywords: General Motors Avis Dunk Island Thredbo Helicopter

0:25:49 - Operation of his Helicopter business

keywords: Helicopter Helicopter Utilities Pty Ltd Business Mineral search

0:28:59 - Introduction, operation and success of Safeskies Conference

keywords: Safeskies Airservices Ansett Training Safety

0:34:15 - Innovation through information sharing about safety at the Safeskies Conference

keywords: Innovation Ansett lecture Safety Training Technology Information sharing Best practice

0:37:51 - Significant improvement in safety, as a result of Safeskies information sharing and discussions

keywords: Safeskies Safety Air France Qantas CASA

0:42:12 - Air Policy Group and his current role in Safeskies

keywords: Mrdak Davis Staib Skidmore Nancarrow President Emeritus

0:43:55 - His involvement in the Bicentenary Air Race, UK to Australia, and some interesting stories

keywords: Bicentenary Air Race Laurence Gruzman Goronwy Roberts

0:53:45 - His current aviation interests and unique induction into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame

keywords: Air Sport Australia Sport Australia Hall of Fame Airservices pilot scholarships World Federation of Aero Clubs

0:58:13 - Describes the signal honour of being an Honorary Life Member of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators, of which he is a Liveryman with the Freedom of the City of London

keywords: Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators Liveryman Freedom of the City of London Honourable Company of Air Pilots Livery

1:03:34 - Closing comments

keywords: Community Royal Federation of Aero Clubs Helicopters Safety Safeskies Guy Moore Gas balloon

1:09:38 - Interview concluded