Bob Peake (2015)


Bob Peake (2015)


DCA and Air Services Australia; Radar and Air Traffic Control


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse


July 2015


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Bob Peake

Timed Summary

0:00:01 - Introduction

keywords: Peake 50 years 1966 OneSky

0:00:58 - Background

keywords: South Australia Electrical Engineering DCA Airservices

0:01:54 - Why did Radar interest him?

keywords: Air Traffic Control Radar NavAID

0:02:40 - The air traffic control system when he started

keywords: Valve Radar Paper strip Surveillance Air Traffic Control

0:04:26 - Main transitions to change witnessed

keywords: Change DCA Organisational Structura Funding

0:06:19 - Airservices funding for air traffic control and navigation services

keywords: Funding Air Traffic Control Airlines Capital programmes Government

0:07:05 - Other changes experienced in the industry

keywords: Change Aviation Communications 1960 1990-2000 VHF radio Internet

0:08:45 - How an Air Traffic Controller communicates with a pilot

keywords: Air Traffic Controller VHF radio Satellite relay Technology Automated GPS Data link ADSB

0:12:14 - Describes Auto Dependent Surveillance Broadcast System (ADSB)

keywords: ADSB ICAO Surveillance GPS Vince Orlando

0:16:20 - Discusses cost to smaller aircraft operators to fit ADSB

keywords: Transponder GPS Navigation system

0:18:52 - How changes and improvements reflect safety and innovation

keywords: Changes Safety Innovation Fixed routes Weather navigation Surveillance

0:20:41 - Benefits of mandatory equipage of updated technology

keywords: technology Airspace Commercial aircraft Casual aircraft Air Traffic Control

0:21:53 - Different ATC separation standards

keywords: Air Traffic Controller ADSB Separation

0:23:04 - Liaising with Air Traffic Controllers as part of his role

keywords: Engineers Air Traffic Controllers

0:24:09 - The Australian Advanced Air Traffic Control System (TAAATS)

keywords: TAAATS 1988 1991 Separation Safety net OneSKY

0:27:49 - Involvement in the OneSKY project

keywords: OneSKY Defence Civil Data transfer Automation Security

0:31:42 - Significant mentors in his career

keywords: Mentors Sern O'Keefe ICAO FANS Committee Bald

0:35:20 - International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

keywords: ICAO Communications Navigation Global standardisation avionics

0:39:03 - Overseas work during his career

keywords: Overseas ICAO NextGen US UK Nats

0:41:35 - Recognition and awards received during his career

keywords: Recognition Royal Aeronautical Society TAATS Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators

0:44:16 - Benefits and enjoyment of his role as a career path

keywords: Benefits Airservices ICAO technical knowledge graduates

0:48:52 - Advice to graduates entering a similar career path

keywords: Advice Graduates Job security Changing technology

0:50:08 - His management style and concluding comments

keywords: Management style Decisions Listen Delegation Responsibility Communication

0:53:08 - Interview concludes