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Flying in the West




Timed Summary

00:00:00 - Flights from Perth and remote parts of WA from the late 1920's.

keywords: Elsie Gare Gwyneth Ayres Charles Kingsford-Smith

00:04:33 - Flying was in its infancy. There were few aerodromes and few places to land. Aircraft and the process of flying were very primitive; initiative essential.

keywords: Aerodromes Flying Norman Brierley

00:06:00 - Scheduled services introduced to WA and the first airmail service in 1921; Western Australia was linked with the East and in 1928 the first Hercules was flown Perth to Adelaide in 1930. Night landings and night flying not common practice.

keywords: Norman Brierley Gordon Appleton May McCauley Night landings Mail service

00:09:06 - Norman Brierley was the dominant force in western aviation until mid-1930's running the interstate service & north-west mail route. MacRobertson Miller Airlines challenges the mail run in 1934.

keywords: Horrie Miller MacRobertson Miller Airlines MMA Mary Durack-Miller Bob Patterson Len Gold

00:11:20 - Describing Horrie Miller.

keywords: George Lewis Frank Colquhoun Mary Durack-Miller Norman Brierley Horrie Miller

00:16:12 - Horrie Miller's involvement in the start of the Flying Doctor Service in Kalgoorlie, how it developed and what it provided.

keywords: George Lewis Horrie Miller Flying Doctor Service Kalgoorlie Flynn of the Inland Fred Hull George Lewis

00:21:25 - Difference the pedal radio - invented by Alf Traeger - made to the west.

keywords: Alf Traeger Flying Doctor Service John Flynn Fred Hull

00:22:55 - In the 1930's, the role of the aeroplane in mineral exploration. In particular mineral prospecting from the air.

keywords: George Lewis Mineral prospecting Pilbara

00:25:16 - Opening up of aviation international links - Perth to Daley Waters which was the rendezvous with the Qantas Singapore service.

keywords: Alec Widham International links Daley Waters Perth

00:27:40 - Flying a bi-plane to Bombay in 1939.

keywords: Jamie Woods Mary Woods;

00:29:22 - Memories of post-war aviation in the late 1940's, early 1950's recalled by pilots and air hostesses.

keywords: Memories Post-war aviation Pilots Air hostess MMA Training Margaret MacDonald

00:56:22 - Last word on post-war flying - how the airlines were the lifeline of the north west and cooperation between the Flying Doctor Service and MMA.

keywords: Post-war flying Sid Goddard Margaret MacDonald Hilary Fox Pat Fiddler Bill Anderson Sturdy Jordan Howard Rowell Alec Witham

00:58:28 - Memories of how the transition to new technology has improved commercial flying since the 1950's and how this transition also changed the lives of those who flew the aircraft.

keywords: Peter Maitchen Uniforms Rosters Staff quarters Duties DC3 F27 Fokker Friendship

01:20:36 - Flying in DC3 days without too many navigation aids was difficult but in 1971, an unscheduled jet landing at the isolated Fitzroy Crossing gravel strip required memorable initiative by the pilot and preparation by the people of Fitzroy Crossing.

keywords: Howard Rowell Sid Goddard Rev Bernard Bucklan Patsy Millet Sue McCleogh

01:27:46 - Interviews conclude