Phil Ware


Phil Ware


Air Traffic Control; Air Traffic Control Simulation and Training


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse


July 2015


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Phil Ware

Timed Summary

0:00:00 - Introduction

keywords: Airservices Air Traffic Controllers Simulator Support Officer Cross training

0:00:59 - His entry into an aviation career

keywords: Air Force Air Traffic Control Women

0:03:44 - Early training methods for Air Traffic Controllers and implementation of emergency contingency plans

keywords: Air Traffic Controller Training Simulator Radar

0:11:01 - Previous requirements necessary to become a trainee Air Traffic Controller and current training requirements and methods

keywords: Training qualifications Air Traffic Controller

0:14:10 - Recounts a funny story from his early training experiences and talks about Air Traffic Control personal interaction with pilots

keywords: Pilots Air Traffic Control Simulator support officers

0:17:31 - Allocation of Airservices air traffic sectors to each Air Traffic Controller

keywords: Air traffic sectors Air Traffic Controller

0:21:16 - Changes in technology during his time as an Air Traffic Controller and how these changes relate to Safety and Innovation

keywords: Air Traffic Controller Technology TAAATS Safety Innovation

0:25:40 - Building a Simulator and the unique aspects of his Check and Training role, Brisbane, 1982

keywords: Simulator Training Weather OneSKY Air Traffic Control Defence

0:34:27 - A typical shift as an Air Traffic Controller

keywords: Air Traffic Controller Shift

0:36:31 - Retirement in 1992, return to Airservices in 1994 training Simulator Support Officers, Academy instructor and Local Operations Instructor

keywords: TAAATS instructor flight data radar Air Traffic Control Training

0:38:18 - A variety of jobs in his second retirement and return to Airservices as a Simulator Support Officer

keywords: TOPS Simulator Support Officer Weather

0:44:23 - How he manages the stress of working as an Air Traffic Controller and Simulator Support Officer

keywords: Stress Simulator Support Officer Air Traffic Controller Training

0:45:29 - Innovation he has witnessed during his career and its impact upon Safety and the Community

keywords: Innovation Technology Safety Community

0:48:01 - His involvement with Search and Resuce

keywords: Air Force Search and rescue John Glenn

0:49:06 - The social and cultural aspects of his work

keywords: Community Air Traffic Control Family life

0:51:37 - Accidents, incidents or strikes during his career

keywords: Strikes

0:52:27 - The most enjoyable aspects of his career and changes that could be made to qualifiy as an Air Traffic Controller

keywords: Career Enjoyment Air Traffic Controller Changes Recognition of Prior Learning

0:54:55 - Memorable colleagues during his career

keywords: Bob Meadows Doug Duval Terry McMahon Vic Smith Peers

0:56:45 - Feedback from pilots and others within the industry

keywords: Feedback Air Traffic Controller

0:59:35 - Switching off from work at the end of the day

keywords: Switch off Air Traffic Controller Behaviour Aptitude Trainee

1:01:07 - Single behaviour trait, or aptitude, necessary to qualify as a competent Air Traffic Controller

keywords: Air Traffic Controller Behaviour Aptitude Trainee

1:04:27 - Advice to prospective, and newly qualified, Air Traffic Controllers

keywords: Advice Air Traffic Controllers Benefits Other qualifications Life experience

1:07:15 - Interview concludes