Pete Norford


Pete Norford


Search and Rescue; Disaster Relief


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse


June 2015


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Pete Norford

Timed Summary

0:00:00 - Introduction

0:00:50 - Early career after joining the RAAF in 1975

keywords: Defence Helicopters Army Search and Rescue Royal Flying Doctor Service Airservices Air Traffic Control

0:04:05 - Variety and difficult landing experiences whilst performing rescue services in remote and rural flood affected areas

keywords: Floods Gulf of Carpentaria Road signs Royal Flying Doctor Service

0:07:13 - Accident and investigation experience

keywords: Accident investigation Aviation safety Airservices Radio Radar Crashes Innovation Mode Charlie read-outs Altitude read-out Airforce Families Community Closure Air Traffic Control BASI Bureau of Air Safety Investigation ATSB

0:09:48 - Experience linked to Community outside Defence and Airforce Air Traffic Control agencies

keywords: Community Accidents Radar Airservices New England Tenterfield Guyra Rockhampton Townsville Palm Island F18 F11 Defence

0:10:27 - How changes in technology have improved the way that vital information is transmitted to Air Traffic Control and Defence radar with Air Traffic Control services, in relation to accident investigation

keywords: Technology Accident investigation Mode Charlie Altitude read-out Air Traffic Control Defence Radio Radar

0:11:44 - Tells stories about working to the rules and some innovative solutions to problems as an investigator and as a pilot

keywords: Rules Search and rescue Cooktown Floods Innovation Evacuations Laura Royal Flying Doctor Service Airservices Defence Caribou Air Traffic Control

0:18:10 - How can younger, less-experienced pilots today draw on same kind of strength, experience and knowledge that his more senior Defence peers currently enjoy

keywords: Experience Pilots Queensland Helicopter Rescue Service Cairns Defence Vietnam Senior pilots Bob Ryder Spyder Technology

0:20:57 - How generational and technological changes affected a shift in employee attitudes

keywords: Technology Changes Attitudes Innovation Communication Media Flood relief Mossman Community

0:24:21 - Impact of stress during course of his job

keywords: Stress Community Search and rescue New Guinea Operation Drake Solomon Islands Fiji

0:26:47 - Stories about search and rescue in Cyclone Tracy

keywords: Cyclone Tracy Stories

0:28:42 - Post 9/11 impact on operations

keywords: 9/11 Aviation security Defence security

0:35:04 - Stories about some unusual aspects of his work

keywords: Celebrities Stories

0:37:07 - People who mentored him during his career

keywords: Responsibility Personalities BASI Bureau of Air Safety and Investigation

0:38:57 - His management style and stories about most enjoyable and memorable aspects of his career

keywords: Trust Risks Independence Human involvement Stories Search and Rescue Accident investigation Counselling PTSD Humour BASI

0:43:48 - Recounts his personal connection to some fatal accidents, and the way they were managed, which influenced him to push for change in training methods

keywords: Fatal accidents Inexperience Training Change Pilots course Defence Force Academy Army aviation Culture

0:49:08 - Most enjoyable aspects of his career and significant incidents in Search and Rescue

keywords: Incidents Teaching Search and Rescue Flood relief

0:49:46 - Advice to people entering a career in the commercial or Defence aviation industry and his long career in Defence

keywords: Aviation career Diversity Commercial pilots Defence pilots Stories Technology Change Airservices Air Traffic Control Radar Navigation

0:56:19 - General comments

keywords: General comments War veterans

0:57:57 - Interview concludes