Jim Eames


Jim Eames


Aviation Journalism and Writing


Interview with Mary-Jill Bellhouse


June 2015


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Jim Eames

Timed Summary

0:00:00 - Introduction

keywords: Aviation writer Minister for Aviation Public Affairs Qantas

0:00:44 - Experiences in his aviation career

keywords: Journalism Ansett TAA Qantas Two airline policy aviation

0:03:11 - His entry into aviation journalism

keywords: Politics Mirage Airforce journalism

0:04:39 - Stories he covered

keywords: 727 Jet Landings Training Boeing DC9 Douglas stories

0:06:59 - Talks about Squadron Leader Keith Rundle, 'Book of Wrecks' and related book called 'The Searchers'

keywords: Townsville 10 Squadron Search and rescue RAAF New Guinea Port Moresby Book of wrecks Merrigum Kokoda Trail The Searchers Montevideo West Irian Australian War Memorial

0:11:48 - Posting to Papua New Guinea in 1960's

keywords: Papua New Guinea Sun News Pictorial Lae Aviation Kassam Pass Madang

0:15:52 - Safety, Community and Innovation aspects of pilots managing difficult terrain in Papua New Guinea

keywords: DC3 DCA Air Traffic Control Radar Bush pilots

0:19:35 - Recounts stories about pilots flying in Papua New Guinea

keywords: Papua New Guinea Charter flights Burns Philp Wabag Caribou

0:22:38 - Personal and innovative decisions by pilots determined their safety on the job

keywords: Personal decisions Catalina Innovation Safety

0:24:53 - Worked for DCA in Australia

keywords: Schwartz Minister Sydney Airport Sir Frank Packer DCA Tullamarine

0:29:13 - Started work with Qantas in 1975

keywords: Qantas Director of Public Affairs Media PR Malcolm Fraser China Gallipoli 75th Anniversary

0:34:33 - Talks about what makes Qantas the safest airline in the world

keywords: Qantas Safety Hudson Fysh Crew Engineering Servicing 707 Training Simulator Hijackings Extortion Mr Brown Mr Smith Kangaroo stories

0:44:08 - How the events of 9/11 affected Qantas operations

keywords: 9/11 Qantas aviation airport scanners delays America

0:46:13 - Progression of Qantas aircraft - 707 to 747 to A380

keywords: 707 747 A380 767 Qantas supersonic airport and runway modifications noise puddle jumper

0:54:23 - Aviation involvement in community activities, safety and innovation

keywords: Aviation Community Safety Innovation Cyclone Tracy 1974 Darwin stories

1:00:41 - Main transitions to change witnessed during his career

keywords: Change Technology Jets Air Traffic Control Curfews

1:03:31 - Future developments in the aviation industry and problems with automation

keywords: Aviation future supersonic A380 787 Dreamliner Boeing Airbus Training Simulator Technology Automation Hudson River QF32 Singapore de Crespigny Air France Innovation human error experience hands on Indonesia

1:10:40 - After retirement, experience as consultant for Air Niugini

keywords: Air Niugini changes

1:11:30 - 2001 Organiser of the Commemorative air race as Media Director for the Australian Centenary of Federation

keywords: Australian Centenary of Federation air race 2001 stories Sydney Peter Lloyd Wilf Barker London India

1:19:30 - General comments

keywords: Australian aviators pioneers Lindbergh Harry Hawker Smith and Owen PG Taylor Innovation Qantas Jack Grant Inflatable slide raft Engineering Self help Self-build

1:25:34 - Interview concludes